Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Social Media

Oh boy, I thought I understood the power of social media, but I guess I am still a novice.  I am beyond getting giddy every time I get a message that someone else wants to follow me on Twitter.  Up until last week I was a Twitter lurker.  I hardly ever tweeted and my purpose for being on the site was to follow what celebrities were up to.  Now I realize that it is a HUGE networking site.  How incredibly smart to get your name out there in the twitter-world for all to see.  I have found so many new people to follow who are interested in a very similar goal as mine.  Not to mention, they all blog too!  I have seen some of the most interesting and professional blogs that I can "borrow" ideas from to make my own better.  Some of my favorites so far have been:,, and, as well as countless others!  I wouldn't know of any of these awesome blogs without Twitter.

Facebook is a whole other beast.  I thought I knew it well, but even I am finding ways to use it differently.  I now have a Facebook page that extends what my blog and Twitter accounts do.  Granted it's a work in progress at this time, but it will get there.

The mysteries to me are still instagram, flickr, and Klout.  If anyone can explain the purpose and how to use these social networking sites I would greatly appreciate it.  I get that instagram and flickr are similar.  They both have capabilities to make photo albums and spruce up your photos, but which one is better?  Why do I need both?  And what the heck is Klout all about?  My Klout score jumped to 30 this week, but I still have no idea what this means.  What does this get me?  The mystery continues...

There are so many others out there that I haven't even named, but I'm sure they are SUPER important too.   


  1. Flickr is a great service to use as a photo album online for all your photos (iPhone & digital camera). Instagram is social media photo sharing app where you can quickly upload and edit a photo & use hashtags, tweet, etc. I use both, mainly Flickr for nice pics that don't fit into the tiny Instagram square or that I just don't want to edit.
    Klout measures your social media "score" and then provides perks based on how influential you are.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Oh it totally helps! I will be playing with both Flickr and Instagram in the weeks to come. Klout is making more sense, but I still don't understand how people give one another +K or to an organization. Maybe it's a phone versus online difference, I don't know. I still find it interesting.

    Jindy, I so appreciate you coming and checking out my blog. I absolutely love yours as well! (Plug for: How did you come up with your layout and background? I need to play with mine a bit, and I know I need to check out cutest blog on the block for ideas. I especially love your background for your Twitter profile! The retro Disneyland look is cool!

    Thanks again for the support!