Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Update - WDW Marathon Weekend Registration 2015

Well this post isn't really about Earth Day per se, but it just so happens to be Earth Day today so that is my title.  Ha!  So I know it's been a while since I've checked in and I owe everyone several race recaps, but I've been busy working on the book.  Those race recaps will come for sure soon, and with some cool PR news, but I just had my creative juices flowing in a different direction.  I just thought I'd check in today because the new batch of race registrations for runDisney 2015 started today.  It was weird for me to not set a reminder on my phone to get online, and have my heart race making sure I didn't miss a spot.  2015 will come and I won't be there.  I'm spending all of my runDisney money on racing every race this year (including the surprise Avengers races), so I will need a couple more years to save up again.  I'm thinking Wine & Dine 2016 and WDW Marathon for the 25th anniversary for sure.  However, I still have to survive this year!  I waited until this afternoon to see how the races were selling.  Maybe I was worried that I would want to sign up, or maybe I'm just a little bummed that after all the fun I am having this year, that I know I'm sitting next year out.  I would live at Disney if I could.  I think most of us addicts would, but it's just not always feasible.  How does everyone pay for it?

Anyway, my run with Katie today was a fun one complete with some "April Showers".  I love playing my Disney tunes and taking her out on the trails.  Happy spring everyone!