Thursday, April 2, 2015

So many Disney thoughts...

Okay, so one of the worst parts about not doing runDisney events this year is not going to the parks.  Booo!!!  I am not missing Walt Disney World as much as I'm missing my home, Disneyland.  Recently I have made the mistake of telling my two year old all about Disneyland; going so far as to show her books of it that I have.  One of our favorites is One Day at Disney as it shows a 24 hour period of time for Tokyo, Paris, WDW, and Disneyland.  Katie sees the characters and children hugging them and says, "mama, I could meet them at Disneyland" and I melt.  I talk about the attractions I think she would like and the ones her grandpa and I love to ride together.  She is now asking me to go to Disneyland and I just want to take her so bad!!!  Especially this summer.  I was there for the 50th celebration on July 17 exactly!  I was part of the commercial in front of the castle where we flipped over signs.  It's my heart it's my home, and yet, I may miss the Diamond Celebration!  No, this can't be!  Reading the Disney Parks Blog and following the information that is coming out, from the fireworks to the adornments on Sleeping Beauty Castle, it's all going to be incredible!  Not to mention, I want all of the merchandise.  What an amazing year to see it through Katie's eyes too.  Alas, I must find a way...  I'll work on it.  In the meantime I should maybe not continue to torture myself with music from the park and listening to Walt's opening day speech.

It would have been so easy had I been running in the 10th anniversary of the Disneyland half, and how much does that kill me that I'm not a part of that!  DL Half weekend was my all time favorite.  I stayed in the Disneyland Hotel and played and visited with so many friends it was phenomenal.  I just cannot imagine not being there this year.  Coinciding with the 60th of the park is just awesome.  Again, alas, I am injured from all of the running last year.  I ended up running almost 900 miles in 2014, and my foot and knee can tell you all about how they feel about that.  Unfortunately taking a break from running is a necessity not a choice.  However, it won't stop me.  I will be back for other Disneyland Halfs, Wine & Dines, and hopefully Dopey (if it stays).  What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment and can't stay away from the magic!!!