Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Calling all bloggers!!!

Okay, so I could use some help...  Obviously my blog design is boring, but I'm a newbie so I need some help sprucing it up.  If any of you have some ideas for how to fix this thing to be a blog to follow, I will gladly take them.  I know that I need to check out "the cutest blog on the block" for background ideas, but are there other places I can find good backgrounds or do you know how I can create a more interesting one?  How about add ons?  I'd love to have updates on the side of my blog for quick reading, like the dailymile thingy that I've seen on other blogs or a countdown to my next race.  I want to do that!  How about pictures?  How do I add them to my posts and maybe make albums to view?  And LINKS!!!  I want to create links to my Facebook page, and Twitter, and other blogs...  How do I do that?  I plan on trying to get in on the TweetChat tonight ( ) I'll definitely check out the blog after it's over, but any additional ideas and help people can give me I would GREATLY appreciate it.  :)

Thanks in advance of course.

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  1. I nominated you for an award, check it out!