Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bridge to Brews 8k

Sorry this is a bit late, but I have been busy reading other blogs the last two days for fun and avoiding adding to my own.  Silly I know, but I find you all very interesting.  :)

Anyway, a recap of the first race back.  Well, I achieved my goal, I finished in under an hour.  Now this is usually my goal for a 10k, but I knew I needed to ease back into a race situation.  Not to mention I'm still working on saying good bye to that last 20 pounds of pregnancy weight!  It is leaving my body slowly but surely, and I'm okay with that.  Back to the race...  Bridge to Brews is a cool race in Portland, OR that crosses two bridges and spans some pretty scenic parts of the city.  I did the 10k two years ago when I was training for Hood to Coast Relay, so I knew it would be a gentle race to come back with.  That being said, there are still hills!  I admit to walking them this time and stopping at both water stops, but I still finished with the average pace of 11:45 (I was hoping for under 12).  Yes, slower than pre-pregnant me, but pretty good for not running since March 16 due to illness along with my grand return postpartum.

It felt SOOOOO good to be back.  Being surrounded by fellow runners again felt like home.  I can't wait for my next race!  The Rum Run in Tualatin on May 26th is sure to be a good one too.  I'm bumping up to 10k for that one so I can be ready for my first half marathon back on June 29th in Sunriver, OR.  I use races as training tools for other bigger races; they keep me honest.  I how much more I need to train or if I'm right on track.  It feels good to be back in the habit!

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