Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sidetrack thought: runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Registration

Wow!  45 minutes and it's sold out!!!  Thank goodness I didn't work today so I could ignore my daughter for 15 minutes and stalk my computer while I attempted and then was successful with registering for the event.  I couldn't get on at first, but then I saw a post from Matt on the Team runDisney site and I was in!  How do people do this while they are working?  My job as a teacher would not make it so I could slip away to get on and register, so what did you all do?

Here is what I signed up for:  the Dumbo Double Dare (10k and half for Disneyland), the family 5k, and the new welcome event.  Oh I am such a sucker!  The new welcome event includes (according to the runDisney website):

  • Official Welcome from runDisney
  • Question and Answer Session and Dynamic Warm-up with Runner's World Experts
  • Official Welcome to California with a ride on Soarin' Over California
  • One (1) hour early entry into "Official runDisney Merchandise area" on Thursday, August 28, 2014
  • runDisney bag which includes a runDisney tech shirt and a Runner's World Magazine

  • I figure this is as close as I will ever get to a meet up, so I might as well go for it!  Hopefully I will finally meet Bart Yasso in person!  Hopefully!  

    Okay so my other thought is this...  How come runDisney actually still posts price changes for signing up in the future?  Almost all of the races hit capacity before the increase in price happens, so why do they still advertise that?  Does anyone think the will go to a lottery system like Boston or the Marine Corps Marathon?

    All just thoughts at this point...  I'm curious what others think.  I am just relieved that I made it in.  The book was going to be tricky if I did not.

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    1. I'm a teacher too, and if I miss a sign up, I miss it. Races aren't worth the hassle if I have to change up my life just to register. Today the fire department came to visit my kinders. It was so worth missing the sign up to experience that with them! I could have still registered after work, but I'm not really a fan of the Disneyland Half anymore. I used to like it, but it's changed so much...congrats on getting what you wanted! Oh, and as far as posting the future cost increases, last year was the first time the race sold out so fast. In the past it's taken weeks to months. I used to be able to sign up like in May for the August race. I think they were taken by surprise that last year sold out so fast and didn't expect it to happen again.