Thursday, May 16, 2013

Balance Revisited

Seriously!  Who can help me with this?  It is always the way, I start getting focused on one aspect of my life and then all other parts suffer.  Actually, I can focus on three things at once it seems.  Where does everyone find the time?  When I'm at work I'm dreaming about playing with my daughter, running, blogging, writing other things, starting my business, starting my book.  How do I fit it all in?  How do you?  It felt awesome to run during my prep period yesterday, but that only meant that the stack of 150 essays just sat there on my desk.  I still don't have the motivation to even look at them right now.  Summer is going to be so much fun.  Katie is getting so much personality; I can't wait to start swim classes and go running with her more.  Hopefully without my traditional job for two months I can catch up on my masters classes, blog, and training plans!  Not to mention really launching my Arbonne business.  I'm so excited about the products and am so hopeful that it will lead to me being able to spend more time with my family.  So if you are interested at all check out my new website! 

How would you use an extra couple of hours in your day?

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